How Much Do Pet Rescuers Get Paid

  The average salary that is given to a single animal rescuer is around $12 per hour. That makes around $25 121 per year. It is a good salary. People who rescue animals are not just any normal people, but people who are highly qualified and who hold great information about animal rescue, word precautions. … [Read more…]

Benefits Of Pet Boarding

With regard to pet owners, every single person is well aware of how much of a difficult decision it is to leave your pet at home while you are away on business or leisure. And the decision is made between two choices of either boarding or hiring a sitter, here are the reasons to choose … [Read more…]

How To Keep Your Cat Happy Indoors

Many people assume that cats are outdoor creatures. This is not a difficult assumption to reach due to the number of stray cats out there. But that does not mean they would be happier outdoors than indoors. Thus, that is why many cat lovers are reluctant to adopt cats. They don’t want their animals to … [Read more…]

Rats And Mice: Uninvited House Guests

There are over thousand different species of Rodents and two of them have made it their life’s mission to create havoc in the human world. The rat and the mouse are pests to every household, first attracted to all the dark and neglected parts of the house and then slowly making their way to the … [Read more…]

Your Pets Under Great Care

Dog lovers do have many things to consider especially since they seem to own more than one dog at times. This might be why they require so many other additional services in order to balance it along with their busy lives. Puppy day care is just right in this kind of scenario where there is need … [Read more…]