Rats And Mice: Uninvited House Guests

There are over thousand different species of Rodents and two of them have made it their life’s mission to create havoc in the human world. The rat and the mouse are pests to every household, first attracted to all the dark and neglected parts of the house and then slowly making their way to the more ‘’lived in’’ parts of the house. Attics, basements, store rooms and cellars they all have one thing in common, they are mouldy, dark and not routinely cleaned. This makes it a safe haven to all kinds of insects and rodents. Many houses have pets not only for the love of animals but because it is a great way to keep these intruders at bay too but in some parts of the world and during some climates it is just not practical to rely on your feline friends to do the job.

Many of these uninvited guests not only damage property but pose serious threats to health too. Their fur and droppings are known to carry bacteria that is cause for complex respiratory issues and the situation is severe is you happen to have an asthma patient in your house. This is where effective insect repellers come to play and they do not necessarily have to be a painful way for the animal to go but since the safety and well-being of our family is our priority it is essential to address the issue of rodents and insects, as compassionately as possible.

An ultrasonic pest repeller comes in many forms, there are rat zappers that are a clean, quick and humane way to eliminate rats and mice with electric shocks that are released as it senses movement. You can also opt to use it as an ultimatum to the rodents that get away from the repellents and barriers.

If you knew them well and have had unpleasant interactions with them enough, you will know that rats and mice are alike but not the same so each needs to be dealt with separately. Rats are in general larger in size than the average mouse so may need more heavy duty traps ad bait systems. This allows less discomfort and suffering for the animal as well as enabling a more tolerable ‘’cleaning up’’ after it is done but there are some families that do not resort to killing at any circumstance. For them there are spring live traps that lure the rodent into a breathable cage to be released later into someplace that it can call home. That’s a great way to do it to, if you have the stomach to see the wiggling creature panicking to get out!